Who we are

EarthAid Solutions is an association based in Hamburg (DE) aiming at tackling environmental and social issues. To do so, we undertake multiple projects around the world with partners, who share your vision and values. EarthAid Solutions is unique in its character of non-profit organisation as every donation collected is fully invested in the project itself. If you too want to transform the world for the better, then become a member and/or donate to one of our projects!


For our projects we collect funds worldwide to plant trees in South America and Africa and reforest idle areas. We work with local organisations to offer sustainable growth opportunities. This includes education i.e. inviting local schools to help and learn about the process of preserving and foresting. In addition, we collaborate with local populations in order to scale up our project and have a greater impact on our planet.


We plant trees in degraded areas to cultivate degenerated grounds

When and Where

Right now ! We're working with our partner-organisations in Brazil and Kenya

With whom

Our partners in Brazil are Centro de Pesquisas Ambientais do Nordeste - Cepan and Despertar do Gigante while our partner in Kenya is Eden Reforestration Projects


With our partners and support in the industry, the public and anonymous sponsoring we collect funds to get good things going



"I want to create a platform that encourages people to participate with their experience, motivation and passion to change things that weren´t changeable before."


"Spending most of my holidays in the mountains hiking, camping or touring with my bike in the nature, I feel the urge to preserve the planet that´s been given to us people."


"I believe that everyone has a role to play during this time of environmental crisis. Planting trees is my way of giving back to our beautiful Earth."


"I´m convinced that everyone should have the opportunity to make a difference. EarthAid Solutions is my way to contribute to making the world a better place."

Our impact


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